The original look of GNUstep is very close (if not exactly similar) to the NeXTSTEP look. Here is a screenshot (click to enlarge the image) :

While very good when you works with it, it looks a bit old with the current playskool interfaces avalaible everywhere. So I wrote this theme bundle, Camaelon, with the idea of providing a fresher look, while remaining good on term of useability.

Actually it's not very configurable (you need to change values in the source code for gradients/colors), but hopefully it will be the case in a near future ;-)

The other point is to provide a basis for themes under GNUstep; while I did some others attempts, I'm trying here to not provide for the moment a full theme engine but rather a more configurable and enjoyable GNUstep base UI. I'll try in the future to improve this theme bundle to effectively provide a full theme engine, but this will involve some works on -gui (see screenshots here).

Anyway, I think this current theme bundle is already interessting to test ... :-)

Classic Theme

This is the current look provided by the theme bundle (theme's name : "Classic"):

The colors are brighter than the the original GNUstep's look -- it could be a problem if you have a well configured gamma on your display ... The differencies are small but forms a quite refreshing look (switch and radio buttons, sliders, arrows ...) .

The biggest "visual" difference are the gradients (mainly on NSTableView, NSOutlineView and NSBrowser headers).


CAMAELON v2.0 is available on Etoile's cvs


You could contact me at this address :