apr 05 2003

Release 0.3

  • major redesign of the code (it's now possible to add quite simply others parser)
  • use of a NSBrowser instead of a NSTableView to display the Table of Contents
  • it could now handle big XLP files
  • help files are now considered as a bundle, containing .xlp files and images, etc.
  • it's possible to includes others XLP files in a XLP file
  • some tags had been added to the XLP format
  • new "look" for the legends
  • some bugs corrections
  • not yet recompiled to Mac OS X, due to the redesign with the parser
fev 03 2003

Release 0.2

  • the interface now uses gorm files
  • helpviewer is ported to mac os x
  • addition of "legends" figures
  • added patch from Alexander Malmberg for BRCells (now uses only one shared BRCell)
jan 20 2003

First Release of HelpViewer